Colchester Cycling UK

Great Wenham Ride Report

June 9, 2013

It’s not often you meet anyone on Glebe Bridge on the outskirts of Ardleigh, let alone a rather solemn looking man standing on a step ladder armed with a formidable looking camera. As the 6 strong pelaton, with Malcolm in the lead, sped past, the response of “steam train” in answer to Clive’s enquiry as to what he was waiting for, caused a swift reverse of direction. Several minutes later we were rewarded with a glimpse of a locomotive called ‘The Easterling’ heading north; it must have been quite something when all trains were powered by steam — it looks somehow so much more purposeful than modern rolling stock…

And so, nostalgia boost complete, we headed on towards the coffee stop at the Art & Craft Centre in Dedham having cut round the edge of Colchester via Little Bromley. As usual there were several distractions on the way through to the café — mental note about the rather pretty little Spanish ceramic dishes as presents — and it wasn’t just me, Steve did even more retail investigation than I did!

Fortified by the always excellent homemade cakes and scones we headed onwards via Higham where Gillian turned left with some feeble excuse about needing to do some gardening rather than continuing on towards lunch to the right.

By Gillian Walker