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Tollesbury Ride Report

September 20, 2015

Nine of us turned up at Colchester Leisure World (Sarah, Clive, Robert T, the two Steves, John, Vic, Derek and Pam), all expecting someone would have risen to the challenge of our first leader-less and destination-less ride, and have come with a plan. Or maybe Alan would get back from Cornwall just in time, and come to our rescue? 9:25 am. Blank looks all round. This was the first time we’d faced this situation, who would save the day?

Well, no-one volunteered but we managed to have a brilliant day out after all — and we certainly reflected several times on how much work our regular ride leaders put into the Sunday rides. Thank you all.

By 9:33 am, we’d decided to head to Coggeshall, and then come up with a plan for a lunchtime destination while we had elevenses. Derek left us early at Great Tey (to see his grandson playing in a football match) and we carried on to the Dutch Nursery. We enjoyed a sunny stop in the garden, and as we were leaving, had a chat with the group from Lobbs Cycles — including National Cycle Network Route 13 Sustrans Volunteer Ranger Andy O’Hare, and Jacqui Stone of Abberton Rural Training.

We got a bit confused about the right turning to get out of Tollesbury, as we refused Robert’s offer to look at his map, but we were soon rolling along again in the sun. It was really lovely — apart from the field we passed which was being sprayed, and some nasty pesticide caught us on the other side of the hedge. Sarah peeled off for home so then it was just Clive, Robert, Vic and Pam. Clive turned off to Abberton Reservoir, followed by Robert and Pam, but we lost Vic who had gone ahead towards Peldon. As our route took us past the Abberton Reservoir Visitor Centre, we called in to pick up a map of the new cycle route that Jacqui had mentioned earlier, and then stopped to look at a spoonbill that was attracting lots of attention. Which led to ordering a cup of tea and more cake!

Clive, Vic, Bob, and Sarah
Bob and Clive

Great day, well done everyone — and thank goodness we’ll have an organised ride leader and destinations again next week!!

By Pam Nelson