Colchester Cycling UK

Littley Green Ride Report

July 13, 2014

Thirteen riders met up at Colchester Leisure World for the ride to The Compasses at Littley Green. The main group led by Paul & Caroline Avison (ten riders) went on to elevenses at Olivers Nurseries at Wickham Bishops. I led an easier paced group of three riders to elevenses at Coggeshall and were met there by four riders from Tiptree/Kelvedon. The easy ride arrived at The Compasses after the main group. A good lunch and beer were had, the faster group leaving first.

On our return journey (slower group) via Ranks Green we were alerted by two cyclists coming the other way of a crash ahead. Two miles further up the road we saw (unfortunately) the main group ahead. One of the riders had come off on a slippery bend at a T-junction. An ambulance had been called, the group alerting traffic, and Caroline, a trained nurse, looking after Sue, the rider. A lady from a nearby house was most helpful and Sue and Caroline stayed at said house untill the ambulance arrived.

It was decided that I should take the group back to Colchester, leaving Paul and Clive to look out for and to stop the ambulance. However when the ambulance arrived they said they had a more urgent call to attend to. The lady from the nearby house drove Sue and Caroline back to Colchester.

It was good to see that everyone in the group helped out in what way they could, all doing their bit. Paul & Caroline later drove back to pick up two bikes and take a gift to the lady for being so helpful.

The ‘Easy Rider’s’ group ride in numbers:

  • Distance: 58.2 miles
  • Avg speed: 10.4 mph
  • Avg pulse: 121 bpm
  • Max pulse: 154 bpm

By Alan Palmer